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Whether you are familiar with acupuncture or new to it, it’s great you are here!  

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Services & Pricing

At your appointment - 

You can expect careful listening and a few questions from me to get the clearest picture for how to move ahead with a plan of treatment.  My goal is to get an overall picture of your health history and current experiences.

You will rest with the needles in place - most people find this relaxing and some nap.

At your first appointment I will give you a sense of how long I think a course of treatment would be for you and some thoughts on what to look for as you track your unique response to the work.

I schedule 90 minutes for your first visit.  Subsequent visits are 60 minutes.

  • First time appointment - $140 

  • Returning appointment - $80-85 per hour

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My training and clinical experience of nearly 20 years with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture guides the process of learning what is out of balance for you and exploring what works to connect you to a greater sense of clarity and health.

 Chinese medicine offers a unique filter for taking another look at the details of your overall health.

I treat all ages and a broad range of symptoms  including pain, internal imbalances with digestion, respiration, the nervous system and reproduction. These imbalances can affect your quality of life, sleep, ability to connect with others and to pursue what is important to you. I truly enjoy this work, no judgement, I will meet you where you are!

Andrea Cyr L.Ac, MAOM

Andrea Cyr is a Minnesota licensed acupuncturist and is certified through the National Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

Andrea embraces the versatility in Chinese Medicine, the human spirit, and healing. In addition to her private practice she has worked in group settings with teens, as a health care team member for a women’s chemical dependency treatment program, with laboring mom’s and families post partum.

Time with family and friends, time outside, and time to be creative are all sources of inspiration and much joy for Andrea.



Northwestern Health Sciences University
MAOM, Chinese Medicine and Traditional Medicinal Herbs
2002 – 2006



I was suffering with sciatica when I sought out Andrea. I noticed a huge reduction in pain after the first visit and, with her continued work, we have totally beat it. I continue to see her regularly for any problems that crop up and I am amazed every time at how much her work changes and improves my body. It is a gentle and relaxing procedure and it works well! If you have ever thought about acupuncture, try it! Andrea is the best!
— DB - St Paul
With a very long history of sleep issues as well as chronic neck pain, I decided to try acupuncture having heard consistently good reviews about Andrea Cyr’s expertise and effectiveness. Using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, both issues were improved after several visits and now, after several months, are virtually non-issues. After many attempts to address the issues unsuccessfully with conventional Western medicine, I remain amazed at the effectiveness of the science and Andrea’s ability to apply it appropriately.
— CD - Eagan
Andrea is wonderful. I have been going to her for over 2 years and she has helped with whatever ails me from planter’s fasciitis, severe cold, pain management (before & after knee replacement) and stress management. Her approach is for your whole-body wellness. She is gentle and a good listener.
Once I was going to cancel my appointment because I had a terrible cold. She encouraged me to come in and with a few needles I could feel my chest congestion loosen. I know the acupuncture needles and some Chinese herbs greatly reduced my cold symptoms and the duration of my cold.
— JH - St Paul

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